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Phylogenetic relationships in Asarum: Effect of data partitioning and a revised classification:

Phylogenomics in Asarum section Hexastylis: serial innovations in floral form spawned from two geographically-widespread species:

The phylogenetic classification reflecting the relationships within the Asaroideae still does not seem to be accepted by everyone.

A new species from this group has been described as Hexastylis finzelii by Brian R. Keener in 2020:

While this paper presents the conflicting views on the Asarum/Hexastylis taxonomy, it does not explain why the author does not follow the modern phylogenetic approach and still describes the species as Hexastylis instead of Asarum. I really miss a good scientific justification for this based on phylogenetic data of the group!

Interestingly, the author uses the phylogenetic data from the same study by Sinn et al. to establish species groups within Hexastylis. This approach seems dubious to me. That is why Hexastylis finzelii does not yet have a valid name in Asarum.

On the other hand, the two species Asarum chueyi and Asarum rosei do not have a Hexastylis name.

I will transfer the species "Hexastylis finzelii" together with the other species of the group to the section Hexastylis, because the species is of course not recognized by POWO under this name, but it still belongs in this group: .org/taxon/

Once the species has been transferred to the Asarum genus like the other species, I will update the name on iNaturalist.

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I agree with this change but will point out that Asarum chueyi and A. rosei have combinations in Hexastylis.

Weakley, A. S., Poindexter, D. B., Medford, H. C., Sorrie, B. A., McCormick, C. A., Bridges, E. L., ... & Franck, A. R. (2020). STUDIES IN THE VASCULAR FLORA OF THE SOUTHEASTERN UNITED STATES. Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas, 14(2), 199-239.

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Thank you for your comment. I will add both names as synonyms.

I am afraid that there will be completely different comments, since the views on the genus or section are quite different. For me it was important that the taxonomy reflects the phylogenetic relationship of the group.

Since I divided the large and diverse genus Asarum into subgenera and sections in order to make the genus easier to understand for everyone, the question of what to do with Hexastylis was inevitable.

Nevertheless, with both POWO, our authority on plants, and phylogenetic studies supporting the approach taken, I am optimistic that the decision will gain wider acceptance and that users will get used to it pretty fast.

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