Comments on the prior merge of Cycloloma and C. atriplicifolium into Dysphania atriplicifolia

I think the genus Cycloloma should be combined with the genus Dysphania, and not with the species Dysphania atriplicifolia.

Posted by oscargsol 15 days ago

Unfortunately, doing so would take current records identified as Cycloloma and place them under the genus Dysphania, when those records are clearly intended to refer to C. atriplicifolium. Procedure for swapping a monotypic genus into a species under another genus can be done either way, but this is cleaner and easier since it keeps the records associated with Cycloloma together.

I have also added Cycloloma as a synonym of Dysphania, and following the merge I will delete the genus synonym from D. atriplicifolia.

Posted by you 15 days ago

OK, thanks!

Posted by oscargsol 15 days ago

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