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Volynkin et al (2019), in the introduction to their paper, note "Kirti & Singh (2016) synonymised the genus Lyclene Moore, [1860] with Miltochrista and established new combinations for all Indian taxa. Later, in several papers devoted to descriptions of various new species of Miltochrista, some other species previously considered as members of Lyclene were transferred to Miltochrista (Joshi et al. 2017; Volynkin 2017; Singh et al. 2019). Nevertheless, a full check-list of the genus Miltochrista was never published and many taxa still remain to be associated with Lyclene without establishing of new combinations under Miltochrista. In the present paper we provide a full check-list of members of the Asura / Miltochrista generic complex and establish 370 new combinations."

An overview of genera and subgenera o... (Referencia)
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