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Publicado por jonathan142 hace más de 2 años (Marca)

I have added the reason for the other species, but I have made the change before to add it for this species, sorry.
The reason is the ICZN Art. 30.1. Gender of names formed from Latin or Greek words
30.1.2. A genus-group name that is or ends in a Greek word transliterated into Latin without other changes takes the gender given for that word in standard Greek dictionaries

The noun Cimbex is masculine in Greek:

Accordingly, Cimbex is considered as masculine in all European literature, e,g. Fauna Europaea:

Publicado por vitalfranz hace más de 2 años (Marca)

This should really be taken up with authors in the US as all local species have long been considered feminine (and the sole reference ignores any discussions that have occurred since). "Cimbex americanus" is not the accepted spelling here as of much more recently than that reference and is the only rendering that occurs in our insect authorities. Please consider against taxon changes that ignore current usage in the region that the species actually occurs. These changes will likely need to be reversed to conform with actual usage of the binomial.

Publicado por jonathan142 hace más de 2 años (Marca)

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