Atención: Algunas o todas las identificaciones afectadas por esta división puede haber sido reemplazada por identificaciones de Coenonympha. Esto ocurre cuando no podemos asignar automáticamente una identificación a uno de los taxa de salida. Revisar identificaciones de Coenonympha tullia 59185

Taxonomic Split 95430 (Guardado el 29/07/2021)

Based on work presented in Zhang et al. (2020)

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@loarie, this one affects a pretty large number of observations, so I definitely wanted to check with you on it. The Pelham catalogue finally recognizes california as a species, which BOA has done for a while. The two species do not overlap, so the atlases should maintain a species-level ID for everything. I'm working on setting up all the necessary subspecies swaps, too.

I also wanted to check with you because I wasn't sure if using an "old" inactive taxon as a "new" output is okay.

Please let me know if there's anything I should adjust regarding this split. Thanks!

Publicado por nlblock hace más de 2 años

can we make flags (in this case on Coenonympha tullia ) to discuss these and link to draft taxon changes from them? That way if the decision is to delete or otherwise not commit these taxon changes there's still a record of the discussion?

Can you include there a description of the fate of the ssp?

Publicado por loarie hace más de 2 años

Yes, will do!

Publicado por nlblock hace más de 2 años

@nlblock Hello Nick. My link to BOA shows C. tullia as a Paleartic species and C. California as an American taxa. Is this what the taxon change is accomplishing?

Publicado por hasfitz5 hace más de 2 años

@hasfitz5, almost! It turns out that the two Alaskan subspecies belong under tullia, but all others are now under california.

Publicado por nlblock hace más de 2 años

Adding flag link to the additional discussion:

Publicado por nlblock hace más de 2 años

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