Taxonomic Swap 98461 (Guardado el 15/09/2021)

IPNI lists the name "Jacobaea arenaria" as invalid, as the attempt to publish it ( failed to cite the location of publication of the "basionym" ( Even were this not the case, though, the publication acknowledges that Senecio arenarius M.Bieb. is an illegitimate later homonym of Senecio arenarius Thunb. As such, it cannot act as a basionym, and the name "Jacobaea arenaria" would be treated as a replacement name. However, the authors listed Senecio grandidentatus in synonymy, and according to Article 11.4, should have taken the epithet from this name rather than publishing a replacement name. This combination was subsequently published, and is the correct name for this taxon.

POWO (Referencia)
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