Taxonomic Merge 124860 (Guardado el 23/03/2023)

Revised sectional classification.

Group GC, Roalson EH, Jiménez-Mejías P, et al (2021) A framework infrageneric classification of Carex (Cyperaceae) and its organizing principles. Journal of Systematics and Evolution 59:726–762.

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You want to bump these up to the subgenus, instead of using the "informal clade names" that are approximately equivalent to the section rank?

Publicado por crothfels hace 6 meses

@crothfels when species are removed from a infrageneric group, it is procedure to swap to the lowest common denominator group above the distributed species, and recreate the group as a sensu stricto. In this case, all of these groups had species removed, so IDs of sensu lato would not be equivalent to a group containing an incomplete cohort of species, necessitating this merge to preserve ID accuracy.

I created the other smaller clades as complexes, but none of these were 1:1 accurate with our prior arrangement of species.

Publicado por rynxs hace 6 meses

oh I see -- thanks for this explanation

Publicado por crothfels hace 6 meses

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