If I'm reading this correctly (and I am a layperson so I may certainly be confused) all eastern North American Strobilomyces are now considered S. strobilaceus?

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I think the cited paper says that European S. floccopus is the same as European S. strobilaceus. Neither was found in North America. The North American Strobilomyces are distinct, including one or more unnamed species according to the authors.

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Thanks for that! I'll be interested to see if our North American species get a name anytime soon.

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Catalogue of Life lists S. strobilaceus as the accepted name, and S. floccopus and S. strobiliformis as unaccepted synonyms:

Not sure if that's for Europe or North America though. ITIS doesn't seem to list the genus in general.

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European S. floccopus and S. strobilaceus are the same thing; since that is where both species were described, the names are synonyms. What people call Strobilomyces floccopus in North America is a separate, undescribed species, but for the moment I think we can leave it under S. strobilaceus. There are also Strobilomyces confusus and S. "dryophilus" in North America, at least.
Catalogue of Life is not really a helpful resource for fungi. It just takes its information from Species Fungorum, which sometimes makes questionable taxonomic choices. In this case, it appears to be correct.

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