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I am a Ph.D. student at Oklahoma State University working in the herbarium at the Department of Plant Biology, Ecology, and Evolution (a mouthful, I know). I graduated with my Master's Degree from Sul Ross State University several years back where I worked at the Sul Ross Herbarium with the curator Dr. A. Michael Powell. My primary interest is in Euphorbia sect. Anisophyllum (synonym Chamaesyce), but I am interested in most plants and like trying to identify them, particularly plants of the Llano Estacado (essentially the high plains of Texas and New Mexico) and the Trans-Pecos. I previously worked as the land manager at I-20 Wildlife Preserve in Midland, Texas.

For anyone interested in the Chamaesyce-type Euphorbias of Trans-Pecos Texas, here is a link to my thesis.

For those interested in following what I post about Euphorbia on iNaturalist and possibly helping me by posting Euphorbias, I have a couple iNat projects. The United States project can be found here and the Mexico project can be found here. Because I don't speak Spanish, there isn't much content in the Mexico project. However, the US project has many journal posts including information about Euphorbia that you might find helpful. A list of my recommended resources is provided at the bottom of the description for each project (you may want to start here). I also did an interview on the In Defense of Plants podcast if you'd like to learn some of the details about what Euphorbias are and why I am fascinated by them. All Euphorbia observations (worldwide) that I've added an ID to can be found here.

I also have a couple guides for the Chamaesyces of primarily Texas. I hope to add more in the future. Here is the High Plains guide and here is the weedy species guide.

I also have a strong interest in the flora of Gaines Co., Texas and other places on the southern High Plains. A list of species can be found here. In order to facilitate this, I occasionally come up with treatments of groups that occur in the area like this one on Oenothera. All the plant observations that I have IDed on the Llano Estacado and surrounding areas can by found here (all) and here (only observations IDed to species or lower; view in "identify").

In addition to these, I have some journal posts to help identify Crotons (of Central Texas and Trans-Pecos Texas). All the croton observations that I have IDed in Texas can by found here.

A full list (or link to full lists) of the posts I have written here can be found here. A full list of observations I've added an identification to can be found here.

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