J.R. Kuethe

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As an ecologist and taxonomist, my life's work revolves around the captivating genus Passiflora – the passionflower/passionfruit genus. Following a dedication spanning decades, I am near to finally unveiling a renewed monograph that comprehensively describes all 684 known species, including comments on their ecological position within their habitats, their distribution and conservation.

Within this diverse genus, my focus lies in the intricacy of biodistribution, which is important in understanding their habitat ecology and assessing their conservation needs. Combining both my backgrounds in ecology and geology, I have honed a unique specialization in "exploration ecology," which takes the multidisciplinary approach to rediscover thought-to-be "extinct" species, as well as other rare and elusive species by analysing ecological factors and distribution patterns. This lead to the rediscovery of Passiflora clypeophylla (last seen in 1889), the true P samoensis (1924), P. barclayi (1864), among countless new species described in manuscript.

My journey is one of collaboration and knowledge-sharing. I welcome opportunities to engage with fellow enthusiasts, researchers, and conservationists through conferences, joint projects, or simply by offering advice. Please feel free to reach out to me at jrkuethe@gmail.com for any inquiries, identifications, or discussions related to ecology.

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