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Leaf Bunch Galls on Goldenrods - ID Guide:

Stem Galls on Goldenrods (emphasis on moths):

Catalog of all Insect Galls on Goldenrods:

Please try to emphasize observable features of the specimen when making an identification - especially when disagreeing.

"It looks more like X to me." This is rarely helpful - offer evidence, not a foregone conclusion. What's obvious to you may not be obvious to others. And what's obvious to you could still be wrong.

"Y is not already known from this region." This is not a compelling reason to disagree with someone's ID of Y. Animals move, spores blow, and seeds travel. Nature doesn't read the published range maps. Neither do gardeners, guerilla-gardeners, construction crews, and released pets. Location is a clue, not proof. And besides, iNaturalist provides evidence-of-presence data. It can be dangerously circular to use location as part of that evidence.

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