4 de junio de 2022

Join us for World Environment Day iNaturalist

Happy World Environment Day - 5 June.
Thank you for your observations to iNaturalist in the Great Barrier Reef World heritage Area which have automatically been added to the ReefBlitz 2022 project between 1-8 June.
We are aiming for 1000 observations and 300 species and will achieve this with your help
Please encourage your family, friends and colleagues to participate, share and identify species today and until World Ocean Day 8 June.
Best fishes

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9 de mayo de 2022

Join us for World Ocean Day Fish Blitz 1-8 June

To celebrate World Oceans Day 2022 we have organised an event to connect with the ocean and people between 1 and 8 June, 2022 and share photographs about marine life. If you are an existing member of iNaturalist please introduce a new person such as a beach walker, citizen scientist, snorkelers, SCUBA diver, fisher, tourist, Master Reef Guide, reef ranger, students or photographer to the iNaturalist community. We would love to see your photographs of marine life and we are particularly interested in observations of fish, sharks, corals, shells, turtles and threatened species. Please also let us know if there are any reefs, islands or areas or species you think we should focus on for this event
We will provide a pre-event online briefing and training for people interested in joining iNaturalist and this World Ocean day ReefBlitz and FishBlitz n the 31 May.
More information

  1. World Ocean Day event link

  2. World Ocean Day ReefBlitz information and training event

  3. World Ocean Day Marine Life Surveys

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20 de febrero de 2022

Fintastic encounters with Great White Sharks at Neptune Islands

I travelled to Neptune Islands in SA hoping to see a Great White Shark. My expectations were massively exceeded as we saw 2-5 sharks on each dive and we did up to 3 dives a day over a 3 day trip. At one stage 4 GWS were observed at the same time and it was common to see 2. Most of the GWS were males between 2-6 and 3.4m and several larger females. Many of the GWS had distinctive scars on their heads and body. One shark had a tag. Rodney Fox Expeditions have photos of approximately 300 individual sharks (LHS, RHS, fins) and I would love to see some more research on identifying individual GWS and a link to behaviour. We saw one shark on three seperate dives on one day. We saw another shark on two days. There were also several other shark, ray and fish species of interest that we recorded to iNaturalist

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9 de noviembre de 2021

Citizen science at Orpheus Island and surrounding reef

There have been numerous observations of plants, insects and terrestrial animals at Orpheus Island, Queensland. Many of the observations are several years old from international scientists and students studying at the Orpheus Island Research Station (James Cook University). The most common species is the Green Tree Frog. There have been very few marine species. We are planning a Reef citizen science course in November and have created a project to encourage knowledge sharing on marine and terrestrial species.

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7 de octubre de 2021

Underwater Art and Natural reef project started

I have created a project for observations at John Brewer Reef, offshore Townsville. This is the location of the Coral Greenhouse sculptures by Jason deCaires Taylor and the Museum of Underwater Art. It is a popular location for SCUBA divers and snorkelers. The diversity of fish, coral and invertebrates is high. I am keen to assist the community to record their observations at the site.
One of my recent learning was what I photographed and identified as a Giant Clam but was a Smooth Giant Clam- thank you I Naturalist Community .
Here is the link
Here is a photo of a Spangled emperor that is inside the coral greenhouse sculpture

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