Exploring the City of Halifax

Since I had registered for the seaside program by Dalhousie University in 2020, I was not anticipating a pandemic to hit. My plans for the summer quickly changed. I had intended on participating in intensive summer course and exploring Halifax on my free time. When the pandemic hit and many class were either cancelled or transitioned to online format I was no longer able to live in Halifax for the summer as I intended.
I stayed registered in my classes (Ornithology, Marine species, Coastal Ecology, indigenous conservation biology) and participated online and completed modules at home. Towards th end of the summer I had found myself back in my school province. After 2 weeks of Quarantine I decided that I owed it to myself to do as I planned and Explore Halifax and other part of Nova Scotia.
I visited the famous Pleasant point park. This was the first place that I ever saw a wild sea star. The first one I found was the only one for a few kilometers. Then at a boat warf I saw hundreds of sea stars comfortably hidden under and in between rocks.
I decided to visit again the next day since I was still so excited from the day before. This time I walked along the long expanses of beach to see ho many sea stars I could find. To my surprise there were so many sea stars you couldn't even count.
I think this was a very impactful moment in my early marine science career. Since I had been so interested in whales previously these tiny organisms seemed to just capture my entire attention.

Now I'm not sure which marine species is my favourite.

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