Les Baleines de Quebec

Although I am in my last year of University for an Undergraduate degree in Marine Biology. I have recently discovered diverse marine life close to home...
As a kid my parents didn't teach me much about marine life in Central Quebec/ Montreal, and there isn't much wildlife when you live in a busy city anyways.
But as I grew older I found my passions for marine science. I was moved by the Beluga whales of Quebec after seeing a documentary about them. Once I was In university I was extremely passionate about marine science and hoped to one time work in Quebec with these mystical whales.
In 2020, I created my own subject under the supervision of a professor. This course allowed to explore research and general information available on the Beluga Whales of Quebec. Then in another class where we were to chose our own coastal impact topic I decided to chose my beloved belugas. Aswell when I joined a Marine species course again with an individual project of our choice I decided to explore further Beluga whales in Nova Scotia.
I will always love beluga Whales and find satisfaction in educating other of the belugas and other marine life present in Quebec since many are not aware that Quebec is not just a province in the middle of canada but is also a coastal region. Quebec has shores along the Hudson bay (home to 2 operations of belugas, the Atlantic ocean, and the saint Lawrence estuary/river).

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