Bucket list: Exploring the Provincial Parks of Quebec

During The Covid Pandemic I had the opportunity to explore nature and my home province of Quebec.
I purchased a seasons pass that would provide me unlimited access to the Provincial Parks of Quebec.

My Favourite park was Parc National Des iles de Boucherville which was close to home. In one given visit I could see up to 30 different bird species.

Parcs that I visited in the summer of 2020 include:

  • Mont tremblant
    -Parc National D'Oka
    -Centre Ecologique Fernand Seguin
    -Morgan Arboretum de Montreal
    -Cap Saint Jaques

  • Parc Regionale de Longeuile
    -Parc National des Iles de Boucherville

  • Mont Saint Hilaire
    -Parc National De la Yamaska

  • Parc National du Mont Orford
  • Marais Real D Carboneau
  • Parc National du Fjord du Saguenay

Although I could write a journal piece for each I will not. But some key parcs that I would say are must sees in your lifetime is Boucherville, Saguenay and Marais Real D.

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