Exploring Russel Ontario Townships

From between the year 2018 to current 2020 I have live on and off in the Russel Scott area located in Eastern Ontario. My Family Moved there when I ventured off to university. I have never had much connection to Russel other than my family. But since I was introduced to the inaturalist app for a summer course , I began exploring Russell and discovered it is pretty cool!
The coolest discoveries of Russell Included wolves, Hawks and small birds.
One of the first nature walks I went on I invited my sister and we saw 2 red fox pups, one came right up to us. Later that night we decided to go with the whole family of 5 we then saw another 4 foxes, they were much larger and were presumed to be young to middle aged adults. Some of these foes would be found playing in the front lawn of country homes.

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