10 de octubre de 2023

Trip to Mexico

Recently I went to my cousin's wedding in San Miguel de Allende-

The weather was beautiful. Although my stay was brief, I was able to walk around for a bit and explore the area... mostly I saw grasshoppers- loads of them- even more than I took pictures of.

As we continued walking about the streets, my cousin and I happened upon what I can only describe as a quaint cactus forest. It was very whimsical and had a multitude of cactus-loving insects.

My favorite observations are of the Bumble bees, Bombus sonorus and the Chicatana Leafcutter Ant, Atta mexicana

I would like to visit again and prioritize the quest for insects... Specifically, I want to find paper wasps... I think one whizzed by me at some point. I wish I saw more wasps in general.

Observing the leafcutter ants was very special and entertaining- next time I'll linger longer... I did not sneak one in my bag.... ;)

To love, bugs, and future adventures...

I hope you have a whimsical day.

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