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CNC 2018 Chicago Wilderness Region: Let's Do This!

​I'd love to get your thoughts and input thinking about events that could be held throughout the ​Chicago Wilderness Region during the City Nature Challenge 2018 (it's just me organizing so far!).

Your level of involvement would of course be entirely up to you (and/or your affiliated organization(s)) but could include:

-​​logging obse​​rvations on iNaturalist using the app or website
-helping other folks identify their observations
-incorporating the CNC/iNaturalist into your already-planned event from nature hikes to restoration -workdays to your science class curriculum during the timeframe
-organizing or attending a mini bioblitz (e.g. 2 to 3 hours)
-documenting invasive species at your stewardship site
-planning a guided nature hike
-organizing an urban prairie pub crawl
-making a list of "WANTED SPECIES" whether invasive species or rarely-seen
-snapping some nature pics on a hike with friends/family
-holding an "identification party" where folks have pizza (and beer) and their laptops open to help -identify plants, animals, and other creatures on iNaturalist
-promoting the CNC/iNaturalist among your audiences with promotional flyers, social media posts, newsletter blasts
-press releases/engaging with the media

So, what are the next steps?

  1. Join the CNC 2018 CW Region email list to stay in the loop and brainstorm ways to collaborate (no commitment required):!forum/cnc-cw-region
  2. Add your events to the CNC 2018 CW Region Events List:
  3. If your organization is interested in partnering, add its name and logo to this document for promotional materials:
  4. Pass along this information to any friends or colleagues that you think might be interested in collaborating or participating

Let's do this!

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13 de febrero de 2018

iNat Tips & Tricks (February 2018)

This is a journal post from February 2018. Since then I have been maintaining a longer and more updated list on my website:


I thought I would beef out my user profile a bit, so I added a Tips & Tricks section.
What other little hidden features do you use frequently?

-Bookmark the iNaturalist Blog
-Join the iNaturalist Google Group
-View recent comments (search all comments -- typing your username there is one way to search for mentions)
-View recent journal posts
-View identification stats, e.g. all my identifications of Nabalus albus
-Turn off "confirming identifications" in your account settings (only receive notifications about identifications that don't exactly match your own). It greatly reduces the number of unncessary notifications you receive. You'll still get notifications if there is a comment attached to the agreeing notification.
-Show scientific names first, set your preferred common name place, or completely hide common names in your account settings.
-Search for observations within a group but without a specific member of that group with the "without_taxon_id" search qualifier, e.g. identify Silphiums, but not S. laciniatum, S. terebinthinaceum, S. integrifolium, or S. perfoliatum or search for milkweeds, but not common milkweed. You can do the same thing with places with "not_in_place" and projects with "not_in_project"
-Use the Data Quality Assessment section to mark observations as cultivated, that they lack evidence of an organism, or that the community can't improve them based on the photos provided. A few of us have prepared some frequently-used responses for new users and problematic content.
-View "Marked Atlases" - species that have observations falling outside of their known distribution (read more about Atlases)
-Download data and manipulate it as you please
-View iNaturalist stats

Don't hesitate to reach out to me personally,, or the Google Group if you have any questions/feedback about iNat.

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