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20 de febrero de 2022

Keji trip - Big Dam Lake

We spent a weekend camping in Kejimkujik National Park near the Big Dam Lake area. We observed a number of different herptiles while we were there (mainly amphibians) as we canoed in to our campsite. while we canoed we had to put effort into simultaneously straining our eyes, ears, and phones to try to briefly capture one of these amazing creatures on camera. here are a few of the anurans that we managed to find.

Majority of these observations were also uploaded to the Nova Scotia Herp Atlas, a project which i am proud to be a part of!

July 2021

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Snapping turtle predation - Grafton Lake, Kejimkujik National Park

I observed 7 different snapping turtle nests on the shores of Grafton lake near the old fish hatchery. All seven of these nests had sadly been predated, but being able to see signs of that many breeding females is a good sign even if none of their eggs managed to survive. Don't get me wrong though, I hate seeing this many predated nests.

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