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Group divisions of European Pardosa

The European spiders of the genus Pardosa are particularly difficult to identify given the high number of species and the very subtle differences in their habitus and genital apparatus. However, it is possible to use their taxonomic groups relationships to divide them according to common characteristics.

I created this list in hope that the division by groups could help to narrow their identification down and facilitate the species-level IDs. Hopefully, it will be possible to pinpoint a series of distinctive features for each group, as it was successfully done with the lugubris-complex ( already.

These group divisions are still not regarded as valid by all taxonomists and most of the times are solely based upon the morphology of pedipalps and epigyne. Because of this, I marked some of the taxa with “(needs to be verified)” when the placement in a group is uncertain and/or refers to now outdated studies of the genus.

This is the second version of the list. I added links to photos of the habitus of males (M) and females (F), I tried to find photos of live specimens, but it's not always possible. When a link is absent, it means that I wasn't able to find any photo of the habitus of that species.
Feel free to add any comments and suggest additions or corrections.

I limited to adding the European species and avoided the ones that are only reported for Russia or Northern Africa. The list comprises 76 species, of which 69 can be divided into 16 taxonomic groups, while the remaining 7 are still in incertae sedis.

amentata M F

bifasciata M F
schenkeli M F

cavannae M F
ferruginea M F

cincta M F
lapponica M F
atrata (needs to be verified) M F

alacris M F
baehrorum M F
lugubris M F
pertinax M F
saltans M F

septentrionalis M F

agrestis M F
agricola M F
albatula M F
blanda M F
buchari M F_(Photo n°3)
consimilis M F
ilgunensis M F
incerta M F
mixta M F
monticola M F
occidentalis M F
olympica M F
palustris M F
plumipes M F
pontica M F
purbeckensis M F
torrentum M F

gefsana M F
nebulosa M_(on the right) F

eiseni M F
giebeli M F
lasciva M F
nigra M F
trailli M F

maisa M F
nigriceps M F

paludicola M F
sordidata M F

atomaria M F
cribrata M F
hortensis M F
morosa M F
proxima M F
pseudostrigillata M F
roscai M F
tatarica M F
tenuipes M F

femoralis M F
fulvipes M F
prativaga M F
pullata M F
pyrenaica M F
riparia M F
sphagnicola M F
tasevi M F

drenskii M F
evelinae M F
hyperborea M F
oreophila M F
saltuaria M F

vittata M F

italica M F
saturatior M F
wagleri M F
luctinosa M F

aenigmatica M F
danica M F
invenusta M F
poecila M F
profuga M F
subalpina M F
thorelli M F


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