12 de diciembre de 2022


The current InverteFest project is here:

What is InverteFest?
InverteFest is a periodic online event where we invite you to celebrate the overlooked invertebrate fauna around you and share the joys of discovery online.

The hashtag was conceived when @franzanth and @maureenbug went looking for bugs and slugs in Bali. @kellybrenner, stuck in Seattle, wondered if we could invite our online friends to look for bugs and slugs together in spirit, even though we’re physically far apart. Besides, what may be an everyday creature to you is often exciting to someone who lives half the world away!

InverteFest happens three times a year:

  • The entire last week of December, so you could bring your family along on a critter-spotting adventure. If you hate your family, we just gave you an excuse to avoid them. You’re welcome.
  • The last weekend of April, which coincides with Northern Hemisphere spring.
  • The last weekend of August, because it’s sandwiched right between April and December.

More details: https://www.metrofieldguide.com/invertefest/

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