City Nature Challenge 2018 overview

Well the City Nature Challenge is over and we didn't do too shabby taking second place was pretty good on this global scale BioBlitz. I for one am tired and exhausted and need a good rest period. I am still using iNaturalist and working on getting 5000 or so observations. I was able to get over 3000 observations during the city nature challenge. It took me four months to reach that number. This year I am going to try to double my efforts when I am on vacation this year. Anyway the City Nature Challenge was fun. I got a lot of cool insects and really cool plants. I really enjoyed hanging with the crew last weekend. It was good and I have to say I beat my old number of 266 from the previous iNaturalist City Nature Challenge. I was able to get a total of 576 on the life list but I do have to go back and separate some photos that didn't make the list. still we must remember that nature won and as I have said we are all victorious in some way or another. I sure have been enjoying the new photos I have collected. I have a pretty hefty species count of 954 which is not bad at all. I have to go now I have a plant sale to work tomorrow in a few days I will make a play by play of the adventure.

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