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03 de septiembre de 2017

A Migration turned deadly at TCC South Campus

In the words of my High School English Teacher that sponsored the Unchained Poetry club "Stop, Drop, and Write." It was on August 31st I was at school on my second day of the semester. My normal ritual on days when I have nothing to do or when I am waiting for offices to open I walk around and take photos of different creatures around the school. I was not expecting to find two dead bird that day but unfortunate I did. The birds in question (which I had added to this account) were couple of Mourning Warblers. I have seen many birds hit windows in my time at school. All of which the birds remained unharmed. This was before I was a naturalist but now things are a little different. I happened upon the first Mourning Warbler at my favorite spot which was near the Eco-friendly building where they have the engineering classes are held. The Warbler didn't show any signs of external injury but I knew that it had struck the building. This was a very sad find and I didn't know if I wanted to add the accounts to iNaturalist or not. For me I don't really like posting dead things and I was having kind of a back and forth with myself but then I decided to upload them. First I posted them to Facebook after I found them hoping to get others in on the conversation hoping to get some inkling of what these birds are. I know it is kind of bad practice but as my mom and I were talking about today I don't always study the birds that pass through only. The birds I normally study are the ones that stay here year round, or nest here in the spring, or the ones that over winter. I know that is bad practice but I admit it I am guilty for that. However I had a few conversations with a few people on a birding group chatline and talked it over and now my dander is up. Since these birds are not common and are migrating I am going to go through the right channels and make a plan to get some bird tape or something out at that campus. I know that it might be a long shot but with all that TCC South Campus does for Monarch Butterflies and keeping Texas Hardy Native Plants why not have something for a bird initiative. I mean each year dozens and dozens of birds fall victim to building and window strikes. TCC is a great school for a few wildlife stuff and I am wanting to get some other stuff on their table for consideration. When I happened upon the second bird it was a little while after I got out of class. I was on my way to the counselors office and I just happen to look down at one of the windows of the library and found the same species of bird dead after an impact with one of the windows. Once I got to my meeting I asked my councilor if there was anyway I could get in touch with someone in authority that I could get in touch with and present my case to said person. My councilor didn't quite know who that person was but I am currently working on a case to get reflective bird tape or hawk decals so that way migrating birds and other birds that call our campus home don't wind up getting hit. I do understand I can't save all the birds there will still be fatality but I think that it would cut back on bird deaths and it would look good on the school's part for being bird friendly. I am a Texas Master Naturalist so at least I do have some perks for being one but still I cannot abuse my power but I just want to get through the right channels. @sambiology @rrichter I know you guys are busy but could you guys help me make up my case. I know that bird tape and stuff like that is not that costly. I also have a few other idea that would be great for the school but this is my first priority. My councilor told me to start thinking about making a case and maybe presenting it next semester when I have more time to prepare my case over the winter break. I just need to have some help starting my proposal. I know how much buildings devastate bird numbers. As a naturalist you cannot not avoid looking at the numbers. It may not be all what it seems but I think it appropriate to have the school become a bird friendly school. I don't know how many bird species we get in total but I do know we get American Goldfinches, Cedar Waxwings, Blue Jays, Cardinals, White Winged Doves, Western Kingbirds, Scissor-tailed Flycatchers, Yellow-rumped Warblers, Cliff Swallows, Barn Swallows, and several other species I have not yet been able to ID because there maybe some hidden factors in the works. I am just a concerned citizen scientist who just wants what is best for the wildlife at the campus so stuff like this doesn't happen again. I just want to know the steps to get this figured out and who to talk to and who to go to and how to make my case as strong as possible. If you guys will help me that would be great. Uh... I just can't stand it when things like this happen; I just want to make sure that does not make a drastic increase in numbers. I just want to keep the strike victims to a low minimum because warblers to me are a very touchy subject because of their natural history.

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