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01 de septiembre de 2017

Bekok/Hutan Lipur Sungei Bantang - Aug 25-28

Trip organised by Gary, with Andrew, Celine, Catalina, Cripa and Li Wen.
Highlights for the trip include Lantern Bug, Faunis gracilis, Koh-I-Nor, Green Broadbill and the Gold-whiskered Barbet.
Observation from the trip:

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18 de septiembre de 2017

Merapoh CAT walk, 15-17 Sep, 2017

CAT walk with Vilma, Alvin, Estya, Maslina, Jeannette, Andy, Eric.
We took a 2 hr flight to KLIA, 28 min KLIA express rail to KL Sentral and 4hour mini van ride to Merapoh. At Merapoh we stayed at Quistina bungalow.

Observations :

2015 Merapoh trip

(30-10-2015 to 2-11-2015)
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