20 de enero de 2022

Guide for Joining and Adding Observations to a Traditional Project

iNaturalist does not have an easy way to filter more obscure observations. This is where Traditional Projects are really useful! Unlike the standard Collection Projects, Traditional Projects allow observers to join and add specific observations, such as bee houses, nocturnal pollinators, etc. Adding observations to a Traditional Project takes an extra step, but it's an easy one!

Below is a guide for joining and adding observations to a Traditional Project.

Step One: Search for and visit the project page through the iNaturalist app or website.
Step Two: Join the project.
Step Three: Make observations.
Step Four (the extra step): Add your observations to the project. (Each observation will be need to be added to the project. They are not automatically included, like they would be in a Collection Project.)

That's it! Below are screenshots for more help. If you have questions, please direct message me or email ecofloraphx@dbg.org.

To Join in the App:

To Add Observations in the App:

To Join and Add Observations on the Website:

You can also add observations to the project from the observation page after you have joined the project:

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14 de mayo de 2021

Metro Phoenix EcoFlora Badges

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