Craters of Moon, Black Hills, etc

Buffalo Gap Trail just north of Badlands Nat Park

Black Hills/Wind Cave: Centennial Trail, Highway 87 to Highland Creek Trailhead, looks like on Nat Park land, but also runs north on Centennial Trail: Custer State Park to French Creek Horse Camp

Lava east of Craters of Moon: Twentymile Lava Trail

Bighorns: Tongue River Canyon

John Day - unnamed track head -119.0376772718113, 44.44240819736461 (serpentine, Route 395 to county road 32 to Blue Heron Road)

John Day - unnamed track head -119.0074082595789, 44.42496561665239 (serpentine, Route 26 to Damon Road to unnamed dirt road)

John Day - backroads just west of Route 395 as it goes south of John Day.

Copper Creek Trail (unofficial?) near Unity OR, just off Route 26.

Myriopteris intertexta - Allison Canyon near Macks Canyon Recreation Area on Deschutes River, "trail" head at -120.8756790471306, 45.38839707958857

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