St Patricks Parish, anyone???

I know a St Patrick's church in Fort Augustus, 20 km or so from a St Patricks Parish which includes the village of St Peters, one of the oldest French/English place names on PEI. The use of place names like St Patricks Parish that no-one uses on PEI and sound like they came from Louisiana is disconcerting and does not help with locations. In Louisiana they know where the parishes are. Here these are manufactured place names. What is wrong with place names on the map?

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Totally agree, Rosemary. INat used to be pretty good with place names; someone, somewhere, for some reason, decided that parishes were better?? Where is St. Alban’s Parish? I’ve never been there to my knowledge, but some of my iNat observations say I have. And Halifax Parish??? I have posted from there too. C’mon, Halifax isn’t even in our province. As you said, Rosemary, we do have place names that people would recognize. It would be nice if iNat used them!

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I just completely ignore that line. I can see where the point is and its accuracy, what more do I need? Assuming we could make it accurate, what would you use it for?

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My house used to just show as "Prince Edward Island" then the lat long, which was fine.
iNat now shows my house as Mount Stewart, which is a 20 minute drive from my house... I wish there was a way to fix this so it worked properly.

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