Rosemary Curley

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I am a retired generalist biologist and recent author, with others, of "Mammals of Prince Edward Island and Adjacent Marine Waters". Prince Edward Island, Canada, is remarkably under-surveyed due to a lack of museum programs on natural history. We are particularly bereft of knowledge of the arthropods; for example naturalists recently helped bring our spider list from 38-44 to 198. Any determined naturalist exploring our habitats is bound to find species new to PEI. I love birds, but other groups are waiting to be surveyed, and I am concentrating on Mushrooms. I would like to record moths at my backdoor light , but either I don't get up early enough, or our city population is low. I enjoy learning from iNaturalist and look forward to seeing the daily postings. I like to ID things but quite often I am wrong; still INaturalist is always short of people to identify things, so I continue.
Photo: me photographing a plume moth on my doorknob.

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