24 de septiembre de 2022

*CANCELLED* Meetup/Bioblitz - 9 am | October 9th | Morris Park

Hey everyone,

We had so much fun at our last meetup/bioblitz, we wanna do it again!! This time we'll meet October 9th at 9 am at 66th and Morris Park Road. We can have a nice slow start to our walk with coffee and bagels on @phillymycobeth 's porch, then make our way into the park. I'd love to spend more time getting to know other naturalists and learn from you all while we see what birds, insects, plants, mushrooms, and other wildlife we can find. We might hang out for about 3 hours, but stay as long as you can/want. Let us know if you plan to come in case I need to reschedule due to bad weather and you want to be alerted. Otherwise, feel free to just show up.

For the ease of setting this up, I mostly copied @navin_sasikumar 's original invite and guest list, but please invite anyone you think may want to attend this sort of walk.

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