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02 de noviembre de 2020

Cuplet Fern Bioblitz Nov. 1 2020

Sunday November 1, 2020
Cuplet Fern Chapter's president, directors, and volunteer members began a project at an unnamed location in Seminole County to assess the land and plant communities, wildlife, and insects present on the property.
We observed a fair amount of diversity in flora, the property is an old orange grove that has re-wilded. The landowner has done extensive invasive plant removal, though we did observe a few invasive species present (caesarweed, chinese tallow, lantana, japanese climbing fern, and a few others)
The land varies in communities, beginning as an upland area with gopher tortoise burrows and plant species that are known to exist in upland communities, and becomes a wetland lake edge with a diverse array of lakeside and flatwoods-swamp plant species.
Further evaluation will determine the slope and elevation of the landscape. We assume for now this is a mosaic of lake, swamp, pine flatwoods, mesic oak hammock, and overgrown scrubby flatwoods, with more evaluations to come in the future.
This will be an ongoing project, with more to be determined at a later time pending our findings.

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