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24 de febrero de 2022

Spring Cleaning of Specimens


I'm currently on track to graduate from Cornell this semester, which is exciting and daunting in equal measures~ As part of this, I'm going to be taking at least a year break between undergraduate and any graduate degrees, so I won't have an extensive storage space for specimens.

I have ~200 ethanol-filled vials stuffed with specimens, and this would be a really good time for me to send out specimens of interest to other researchers! I still have access to the shipping facilities of my lab, so it would be covered under their account, and I also have the ability to send specimens in EtOH, which I would need special permission to do as an individual.

If you happen to take a look through my observations, nearly all of the photos taken through a microscope are currently preserved in my EtOH collection. My main focus is on Acalyptratae (Diptera), so I'm planning on retaining the majority of those specimens. However, anything else I would gladly send over for your own morphological/DNA/anything else studies.

The majority of my specimens are from Ithaca, New York, , but I have a few from private properties in Arizona and California too. In addition, if I had multiples of a given specimen, I only took one photo to represent them all, so I may have duplicates (but I honestly didn't take notes... foresight is 20:20).

Just send me a message if you're interested!


[I'm going to tag some of my most common identifiers here just in case they're interested: @nomolosx @brandonwoo @johnascher @bdagley @trichopria @jeongyoo @sdjbrown @trinaroberts @mjplagens @edanko @arman_ @kschnei @kgrebennikov @aispinsects @borisb @jeremyhussell @zdanko @chrisangell @omnipresent_millipede @jane41 @hopperdude215 @grigorenko @phycus @johnklymko]

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