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Differentiating the Mature Larvae of Packardia geminata (Jeweled Tailed Slug) and P. elegans (Elegant Tailed Slug)

Although the adults of P. geminata and P. elegans are readily and easily differentiated, not resembling each other in the least respect, the larvae are often confused. The two may superficially resemble each but may be easily differentiated by examination of a few specific characteristics, which are listed below:

(Please note that these characters only apply to mature larvae).

  1. P. geminata is generally of a turquoise color overall, while P. elegans is generally of a yellow green coloration.
  2. P. geminata bears one straight, whitish subdorsal stripe on each side of the body, whereas those of P. elegans are rather yellowish and wavy.
  3. The tail of P. geminata is of body color dorsally, while that of P. elegans is usually red dorsally.

See the links below to compare the two based on the listed characteristics: (Packardia geminata) (Packardia elegans)

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Differentiating the Mature Larvae of Adoneta spinuloides (Purple-crested Slug) and Adoneta bicaudata (Long-horned Slug)

The mature larva of A. spinuloides (Purple-crested Slug)is an extremely colorful species of slug caterpillar, existing commonly throughout eastern North America, its current range. Although this larva is commonly mistaken as the only caterpillar of its kind in eastern North America, a second Adoneta, A. bicaudata, closely resembles A. spinuloides, occurring much less commonly. Because of its obscurity, it is a poorly known species and easily mistaken as A. spinuloides. Listed below are the best characters of distinction for the two:

(Please note that only mature larvae apply to these characters).

  1. The purple dorsal coloration of A. spinuloides exists as several blobs not related to each other in size, while the purple coloration in A. bicaudata is present as several diamond-shapes relatively similar to each other in size.
  2. The curved, posterior scoli of A. bicaudata are 2-3x longer than those of A. spinuloides, which are gumdrop-like.

Check out the links below to compare the two using the listed characteristics: (Adoneta spinuloides) (Adoneta bicaudata)

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List of Limacodidae found in WV

Limacodids with Past Records in WV:
Tortricidia testacea
Tortricidia pallida
Tortricidia flexuosa
Packardia geminata
Packardia elegans
Lithacodes fasciola
Apoda y-inversa
Apoda biguttata
Prolimacodes badia
Isochaetes beutenmuelleri
Phobetron pithecium
Natada nasoni
Isa textula
Adoneta bicaudata
Adoneta spinuloides
Euclea delphinii
Parasa chloris
Parasa indetermina
Acharia stimulea

Limacodids without past records in WV but are likely to occur within the state:
Heterogenea shurtleffi
Lithacodes fiskeanus
Monoleuca semifascia

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