11 de julio de 2024

07/06/2024 1:30 PM Trip at Newburyport Whale Watch (Jeffreys Ledge, MA)

We traveled about 42.20 miles out-and-back. This is my second time on board Captain's Lady III.

Partly sunny and then turn to mostly cloudy to overcast.

The sea was very bumpy today when we heading out from Merrimack River toward the Gulf of Maine (Ipswich Bay and Scantum Basin). I stood at the bow and it felt like pirate ship at amusement parks.

We found 2 fin whales at Jeffreys Ledge (East of Plum Island), 3-5 humpback whales. I thought I saw a minke whale on the way from Newburyport to Jeffreys Ledge but couldn't get a chance to take photo of it. On the way back, the sea turned tranquil and nice.

Will need some help for ID'ing the humpback whale mom that showing her tail at the end of the trip.

Update: The humpback whale mom at the end of the trip is Clamp.

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