Located along the northwest coast of California, Humboldt is a large, mountainous county with over a hundred miles of coastline. It is especially well known for its rain and forests, which include some of the largest intact stands of old-growth Redwood in North America. Moving inland, above the fog line, the forests change into Douglas Fir, oak, and other species of interior Coast Range. While much of Humboldt is densely wooded, the bottomlands near the river mouths have been cleared for pasture, and today, these huge tracts of grassland attract thousands of geese, swans, and shorebirds. Within Humboldt County lies Humboldt Bay and the world famous Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary. The largest city in the county is the waterfront town of Eureka, and just up the coast is the college town of Arcata and Humboldt State University.

Like other northwestern counties, Humboldt is known for its cool, foggy summers (along the coast) and wet, cold winters. It's shoreline varies from open sandy beaches to mudflats to rocky cliffs. This is a record of all of the plants, animal, and other wildlife I have photographically documented and identified in the county.