1.) All fish included in this list must be from hook and line angling ONLY. Netting, trapping, shooting, spearing, and any other non-hook related means are all not viable methods of capture to be included in the list.
2.) All submitted fish must be verified with a photo; the photo does not need to be recent, but it should be detailed enough where a species identification can be given with 100% certainty.
3.) Snagged fish DO NOT count towards the total count of species captured.
4.) Different “life-histories” (i.e., rainbow trout v.s. steelhead) and “morphs” (i.e., lean lake trout v.s. siscowet lake trout) do not count as separate observations because they are not taxonomically distinct.
5.) Subspecies do not count as distinct species.
6.) All lamprey species are excluded from this list.
7.) Hybrid fish species count as a distinct observation, although they may be removed in future totals.
8.) All fish must be freshwater (defined as landlocked with no oceanic access) only. Brackish and saltwater fish will be added to another life list.