Jaime M. Simancas

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Note: I have been mostly inactive for the past year. As of April 2024, I plan on rejoining this community to continue adding observations and identifications for years to come. I will try to add at least one day's worth of observations each day to catch up to the present, as I am currently about eight months behind.

I started as a multispecies angler back in 2019. After a few years of uploading observations to this website, my interests have shifted to photographing and documenting commonly overlooked insects. Most of my observations here will be arthropods, but I will take pictures of any other forms of life I can find. In terms of species, I am most interested in wasps, weevils, and true hoppers. In terms of ecology, I am interested in the various forms evolution can present, such as specialized niches, mimics, parasites, and convergent adaptations.

In 2024, I started an insect collection. Many of the specimens in my collection will be uploaded here for public access to their information. When I am ready, I will eventually begin donating many of my specimens to museums. If anyone here is interested in knowing if I have or can collect a specimen, feel free to ask me. I also have access to many keys I have found scattered across the internet or directly from their original publications. I first intended on using these for my own collection, but I will also use them on other people's observations here when I am able to.

Photo Website: https://cocokitty212.smugmug.com

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