Jeff Clark

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I love going out and wandering in nature and celebrating how little I know and how much there is to learn.

Besides nature, I love books. I own a lot of them. I have a decent sized collection of field guides and related. I enjoy puzzling through identifications using my books as well as online tools like the various amazing keys to various insects, bugguide, etc. I am not an expert in anything but have a lot of breadth. I know the most about birds (my 1st love), but have also learned a bit about insects over the years.

I like to challenge myself making IDs and I know that I am not always correct. Please, please, tell me if I am wrong and do not take any ID I make as gospel. I will respond to any comments etc. I generally try and write a comment about why I give disagreeing IDs, nothing worse than the fly-by disagreer!

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Fairfax, VA

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