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City Nature Challenge is my Favourite Holiday

Улюблена внучка Баби Яги.
Bog Witch.
Professional environmental educator.
Paying the bills with an obscure blog.

I have a particular interest in wild edibles (+ the role they have to play in food sovereignty) and plants introduced to North America by my ancestors (+ Slavic folk remedies).

When it comes to identifying my own observations, I hold the belief that "pretty close" is better than perfect because I've learned so much from others correcting me - whereas my "unknowns" sit in iNaturalist purgatory. However, when identifying others' observations, I try to be certain before adding my thoughts. I'm always happy to explain my reasoning and willing to learn from my mistakes!

Recommended reading:
• Baba's Kitchen Medicines: Folk Remedies of Ukrainian Settlers in Western Canada (Michael Mucz)
• Front Yard Forager: Identifying, Collecting, and Cooking the 30 Most Common Urban Weeds (Melany Vorass )
• Ukrainian Canadian Internment (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ukrainian_Canadian_internment)

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