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I love to go out and photograph plants and wildlife. I'm teaching botany among other things at Appalachian State University, and am currently serving as the President of the Blue Ridge Chapter of the North Carolina Native Plant Society.

We plan on hitting some of the popular hiking trails in the High Country of Western NC for a spring wildflower phenology project next year. If you are interested in participating, check for news and updates here and please feel free to join us. The plan is to have a training session in March and then hit the trails as soon as the first spring bloomers pop up. I'm working on some identification guides to post in my journal to help with plant IDs - comments are welcome!

Please note that all my location markers are purely best guesses trying to place them in approximately the right spot on the map. I do not have a GPS device to get accurate coordinates. If I set the location on something to private or obscured, it probably means the picture was taken on private property and some of those folks have requested not to have the location of their homes or farms disclosed on the web. Probably a reasonable request since some of my friends have things like ginseng growing in their backyards. We are very fortunate to be living in such a biodiversity hotspot here in the Southern Appalachians!

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