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Just returned from a 2,5 month trip to Australia photographing spiders 🤠
I joined iNaturalist in early 2020 and I've been putting in all observations made through the years that I remember the locations of, as well as new ones.
I have a masters degree in biology from The University of Copenhagen. My master thesis was on crab spiders' sensory biology with a special emphasis on their vision. The thesis was focusing on Xysticus cristatus and Ozyptila praticola, which im kind of an expert on now - so if you see me ID'ing X. cristatus and O. praticola from habitus (Which according to some isn't possible) then know that I have looked at these species for 9 months!!
Favorite taxa:

  • North European Spiders - I cannot help with observations done outside Europe, at least not to species level.
  • Scarabaeoidea
  • Primates
  • Chelicerates in general
  • Butterflies

--Good spider links for the beginner---
Distribution maps, pictures and genital drawings:
The british arachnological society has species descriptions, and a tonne of other cool stuff
Great genital pictures of all common european spiders, opiliones, and pseudoscorpions
The german atlas project (with distribution maps and similar)
Massive Cellar spider (family: Pholcidae) project!
The german spider-wiki, is packed with information, and works perfectly with google translate, if you aren't good at german!
Cool SEM images of a selected band of European spiders:

Thomisid guide of Scandinavia:

New species for my country that I've found:
Xysticus lineatus
Philodromus rufus (combined effort with Amanda Johannission who spotted it)
Sardinidion blackwalli
Parasteatoda tabulata
Closterotomus trivialis
Dorypteryx longipennis
Possibly Microterys seyon - But i would never have known without seeing that Jonas Lutz and Peter Bonde had identified it secondarily

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