Ashley Schmitz

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I am an avid Entomologist as a hobby: collector, curator, and field specialist; so far spanning 33 years. A resident of Corpus Christi, Texas since 1992. Originally from Medford, Oklahoma; which is where the interest in insects began in high school. My private collection houses 10,900+ species, and many more specimens; curated. Most of the collection contains specimens from Texas; other states I have collected in are Arizona, Kansas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. With a fiancé from Uganda, I have collected there as well.

Many specimens collected over the last 10 years have been deposited into collections at Texas A&M (College Station), University of Connecticut, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, South Dakota State University, Natural History Museum in London, and the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History. The later, is where I have been assisting in curating their collection that is about 60 years old.

Insect Specimens seen here are deposited into my collection unless otherwise noted, this would include those that got away before capture.

Currently, I am mentoring 2 aspiring Entomologist:
Leah Harris (20) of San Antonio, Texas (she plans to be Buprestidae specialist) and Roman Smith(10) of Bryan, Texas (he plans to be Formicidae specialist)

With few exceptions, all observations will have the ID included.

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