Sean Werle

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I was an aquatic biologist/scientific diver for almost 30 years before recently retiring due to genetically crappy lungs. I now split my time between western Massachusetts and eastern California, where I like to photograph critters, fungi and plants.

You might notice that I have a lot of observations for someone who has been on the platform for such a short time. One reason for this is that I'm retired, I'm an avid "camera hunter" and my camera adds GPS coordinates to everything I shoot. The other reason is that for more than 20 years I taught a tropical field biology class at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, which involved a lot of travel to the Neotropics with students. I've been turning all of those photos into observations. Unfortunately this sometimes means rescuing photographs from old facebook albums so the locality circles can be a bit large, but they're still accurate within a few hundred meters.

I've discovered some cases where I mistakenly uploaded the same observations more than once, and please let me know in a comment if you find any that I've missed. I think I've got that problem sorted now :)

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