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My name is Rachel and I'm a PhD student at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. Studied Ophioninae of California and Flies of the Palmyra Atoll for my Masters.

In terms of observations, I mostly image things that are not my area of expertise; such as spiders, plants, and lepidoptera. Many of the other observations are from participating in local bioblitzes and research projects. I also love keeping my eye out for things that other people tell me they are excited about.

How do I know if I have an Ophioninae? They have:

  1. Laterally flattened abdomen (taller than wide)

  2. Adventitious/spurious vein and lack of areolet in forewing

United States Ophioninae Genera : Enicospilus, Eremotylus, Ophion, Simophion, Trophophion, Thyreodon, and Rhynchophion

California Ophioninae Genera : Enicospilus, Eremotylus, Ophion, Simophion, and Trophophion

Eremotylus, Simophion, and Trophophion are quite rare and not much is known about them.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I NEED SPECIMENS OF EREMO, SIMO, AND TROPH!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Feel free to tag me in any potential Oph observations to help with ID. I am subscribed to the taxon but I feel like some slip through the cracks :)

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