Benjamin Schwartz

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I am interested in all things natural. A karst hydrogeologist by training, I also work to understand groundwater in karst aquifers, and work extensively with organisms that live in the springs and aquifers of central Texas, USA.

I research and teach in the Department of Biology at Texas State University, where I am also the director of the Edwards Aquifer Research and Data Center. Much of the work I have been doing recently involves describing new species that we are discovering in the Edwards Aquifer. I've quickly learned that this will be a lifetime of work! The un-described diversity in this aquifer, and many other aquifers, is amazing.

As 'hobbies', I have gotten myself sucked into learning as much as I can about Terrestrial Molluscs (land snails - thanks to @benhutchins), Dragonflies and Damselflies (Odonates), and now Ferns in Texas. I spend a fair amount of time sorting through litter samples for micro-snails in Texas, and one day soon I will upload hundreds of observations. I just have to finish all the microscope work of sorting and taking photos.

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