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I began observing nature & documenting my findings during the summer of 2016. Two years later in 2018 I decided to create an iNaturalist account as a repository for all my observations.

I started off primarily as a birder but my interests continue to grow. Nowadays, when I go out exploring I try find as much as I can and attempt to put a name on everything. I am not an expert in any field and my ID's may not always be correct. I appreciate the feedback from the iNat community and am always looking to learn from others’ expertise and knowledge.

Out in the field, I spend a little too much time taking excessive amounts of photos with my hand-me-down nikon (always on automode) and clip-on macro lens on my iphone. This is all to say that if you ever go on a hike with me, chances are we are not going to travel very far. I also have an odd fascination for searching for life in urban and unexpected places e.g. roadside ditches, parking lots, abandoned lots, etc. whenever and wherever.

I've been a bird docent at the Tijuana Estuary Visitor's Center since the summer of 2019. In early 2020, I interned at The Living Coast Discovery Center's avian department until the COVID outbreak cut my residency short. I currently intern for U.S. Fish & Wildlife and am based out of the San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge complex. I recently joined San Diego Audubon's 2021 Advocate Training Program in order to improve my advocacy work for birds and native plants. I am matriculating at CSU Long Beach as a Biology undergrad.

My current aspiration is to translate and interpret field marks of the most common species in San Diego to Spanish (birds, plants, bugs, mammals, etc.). If anyone knows of any resources that may help me in doing so, please reach out to me. If you're interested in what I do, follow me on instagram:

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