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Part-time Lepidopterist based in northeastern DRC since 2013.

Always happy to help provide IDs for African butterflies.

Identification guides:

My favourite online resources:

  • (Up to date nomenclature for all Sub-Saharan African butterfly species.)
  • (takes a bit of getting used to, and uses an old taxonomic system which iNaturalist no-longer employs, but all African Acraea, Telchinia, Stephenia, Rubraea, Tildia, & Bematistes can be ID'd using this website.)

My favourite offline resources:

  • "Les Papillons du Zaire" (Berger, 1981) - Out of date, but an incredible book for it's time... and really the only comprehensive book on butterflies in DRC.
  • "Papillons du Gabon" (Vande weghe, 2010) - Another amazingly comprehensive book.
  • Torben Larsen's manuscript on African Skippers
  • Michel Libert's various revisions

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