Carmen B. de los Santos

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Marine ecologist, sea explorer and naturalist.

I am a marine ecologist, presently working for the conservation of seagrasses (marine flowering plants) in South Portugal. I am originally from a town in the Guadalquivir valley, South Spain. I discovered iNaturalist in early 2018 and since then, I have been uploading present and past observations of all type. I am mostly interested on the marine realm, but I also found every terrestrial creature and plant amazing. I think that iNaturalist is a wonderful community and I am very grateful to all the identifiers from whom I am learning so much!

As a seagrass researcher, I am particularly interested in the seagrass observations in iNaturalist. For that reason, I have created a project called "The Seagrasses of the World" ( and I enjoy ID-ing others' seagrass observations.

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