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I am primarily a birder, located in Echo Bay, Ontario, but I'm using iNaturalist to identify and document every other taxa I come across. I am slowly learning how to ID these non-bird taxas on my own, but still rely on iNaturalist to help for taxa that I'm not familiar with or don't have a field guide for. Someday I'll get enough field guides to cover everything! Note that I'm often naturalizing while walking my two large, energetic dogs on leashes, so sometimes my photos turn out blurry or lack the features needed for identification, and that's okay with me.

I am an eBird Regional Reviewer and Hotspot Editor for the Algoma District, a moderator for Ontbirds and Birdnews (Ontario's two birding listservs), an executive committee member for the Sault Naturalists, and am on the Board of Directors for the Ontario Field Ornithologists, serving as the chair of the Northern Ontario Birding Committee and as the organization's Volunteer Coordinator.

For work, I am the Executive Director for the The Kensington Conservancy, a charitable land trust located in Desbarats, Ontario. I also provide guided birding tours within the Algoma District and area with my business Dorscht Birding

The following are links to my observations that still need confirmation or that I need help identifying to species:

Ray-finned Fish
Fungi and Lichens

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