Andrea Wuenschel

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Biologist, birder, & general naturalist in San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA. Long-time eBird user...gotta step up my game with my plant and arthropod observations & post them on iNat!

Love the tiny guys! Having so much fun photographing & posting the macro world of mites, springtails, spiders, galls, mosses, liverworts, slimemolds, etc, with my Olympus Tough T-5!

I am always learning, so if anything is incorrect, I like to know and update observations accordingly. Also I appreciate any links to learn more about the identification of any species/genus/family. Thank you!

Helpful links:
USFWS Feather Identification website for North American birds (flight feathers):

Identification of North American birds using museum spread wings:

Joyce Gross' California Gall ID:

Nancy Asquith's California Galls: List of Host Plants with Links

How to tell Caterpillars from Sawfly Larvae (Thank you @harsiparker!):

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