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Welcome to my page...
I’ll start with a little bio
I joined INat a little over 2 and a half years ago
Thanks to one of my daughters and a research friend
Of mine. My background is civil engineering and for
Some odd reason I joined the US Army in my early 30s
And served until I was Retired in 2014 due to a minor
Accident overseas. I grew up overseas in Germany
And in Asia and Mexico. Then to college
After my Bo-Bo overseas I had a lot of time on my hands
So I decided to focus my energy into something productive
My first love has always reptiles and cacti. Since the time
I was 16 I was documenting reptiles and cacti with photography
And keeping logs. Infact until I was introduced to INat
I already had amassed over 100,000 records with logs and photos
So naturally INat was a perfect fit for me LMAO....
recently I’ve found myself diving into pines firs and other
Interesting things in nature.
Me and my Wife have found this site a excellent way
To spend time with our two youngest daughters also

Now on to my observations if you see something that I’ve miss identified
Please feel free to say something or correct it..
also all of my photos are open source all I ask is please give me credit
And that’s all I ask.
Of note I also enjoy helping those out hear doing research
So drop me a msg if there is anything I can do to help

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